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Martin and Pleasance Martin And Pleasance Zen Herbal Liniment 50ml

ZEN is a natural medicine applied externally to treat muscle and joint injuries and pain.

ZEN works by:

- Relieving Pain
- Improving Blood Circulation
- Reducing Inflammation
- Promoting the repair of Bones, Sinews and Muscles

Special Qualities:
ZEN is non oily, pure and volatile. It penetrates quickly with no rubbing needed.
The herbs in ZEN are traditionally used in the treatment of muscular skeletal injuries
to nourish the underlying damaged bone, sinew and muscle promoting repair as well as
relieving pain.

Adults and children - Apply to affected area 1 - 4 times daily.
Children under 2 years of age: Consult a physician.

Active ingredients
Each mL contains tinctures eqiv. to dry:

Panax pseuedoginseng root 25mg
Angelica polymorpha root 15mg
Spatholobus suberectus stem 15mg
Commiphora molmol stem bark resin 13mg
Boswellia carterii stem bark resin 185mg
Drynaria fortunei rhizome 10mg
Dipsacus japonicus root 9mg
Arnica montana flower 1mg

Each mL also contains:
Mentha arvensis herb oil ess. 100mg
Cajuput oil 5mg

Non active ingredients: Camphor and Alcohol

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