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Redbak Rapid Wpi

REDBAK WPI which stands for whey protein isolate, is the best peptide isolate for lean muscle growth. REDBAK WPI contains an abundance of glycomacropeptides and branch chained amino acids containing high levels of glutamine. Glutamine can prevent catabolism and release growth hormone which is ideal for energy, recovery, muscle building and repair.

REDBAK WPI is microfiltered and is highly soluble when added to water, milk or fruit juice, for quick release. REDBAK WPI is suitable for all athletes and those on low carbohydrate diets and people who would like to increase lean body mass. A natural sweetener from licorice root is used.

REDBAK WPI is ideal for use with REDBAK Creapure Creatine, L-Glutamine, Muscle Stack Ultra or Muscle Base.

Use one 30g scoop of REDBAK WPI with 250 ml of water, juice, or milk and blend.

A 30g serve contains 490kJ=117Cal, 26.0g protein, 0.2g fat of which 0.1g is saturated, 1.5g carbohydrates of which 0.3g is sugars, 0.2g of dietary fibre, 70mg of sodium and 350mg of potassium.