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Redbak Lean Mass

Scientifically formulated REDBAK MASS XXXL is a high energy weight gainer with a 50/50 carbohydrate to protein ratio containing a full spectrum of essential and non essential amino acids with sufficient calories to ensure muscle building.

REDBAK MASS XXXL has that special taste of non GM Soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate and 18 vitamins and minerals to promote that increase in lean body mass.

REDBAK MASS XXXL contains an abundandance of branch chain amino acids and volumising glutamine peptides for better recovery and muscle building. Maltodextrin is a low GI slow release carbohydrate for hard training, facilitating muscle growth and glycogen storage. That way protein builds muscle and catabolism is avoided.

Take REDBAK MASS XXXL 2 or three times a day as well as meals for maximum gain. For enhanced muscle growth, combine MASS XXXL with REDBAK Muscle Base before and after workouts.

REDBAK MASS XXXL is suitable for heavy weight trainers, very active people, team sport players and people who have difficulty gaining weight. Natural licorice root extract is used as a sweetener.

Add 6 heaped tablespoons which is 85g to 500ml of milk or water.

Servings per container: 14.7 (1.25kg), 47 (4kg), 94 (8kg)
Serving Size: 85g

Each 85g contains 1329 kJ - 374 calories of energy, 40.3g of protein, 0.7g of fat of which 0.25g is saturated, 26.3g of carbohydrate of which 6.6g is sugars, 0.14 g of dietary fibre, 205mg of sodium and 240mg of potassium.