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Redbak Pure L Glutamine Rice Derived Natural 300g

REDBAK L-GLUTAMINE is manufactured by Degussa and helps amino acid metabolism. Also glutamine can prevent catabolism and thereby assists in muscle growth, cell volumisation and recovery after training.

REDBAK L-GLUTAMINE assists in growth hormone release, is a mood enhancer and strengthens the immune system. Glutamine can assist people who are stressed and athletes in heavy training.

Take half a metric teaspoon which is 1.9g prior to training.

Servings per container: 263(500g), 526(1kg), 1052(2kg)
Serving Size: 1.9g

Glutamine is one of the 22 amino acids which make up proteins.
Available in natural flavour only.

Retail Price: $39.95
   Our Price: $21.97