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BCN xlr8

Depending on your metabolism or the size of the meal, you can increase your weights in the gym by having a meal one or two hours before your workout. You can also take a supplement like BCN xlr8 fat burner half an hour before your workout.

This will increase your endurance, energy and muscle strength. That in turn will actually help you to burn more calories and increase growth hormone release.

At the same time you will experience better concentration.

Proper Nutrition

What should your meal consist of? As always, whether trying to lose weight (which bcn xlr8 tablets do better than any other product) or for training, it is important to know what foods are right. Especially if you are taking supplements containing ephedra or caffeine (BCN xlr8 fat burner does contain caffeine) which constrict your blood vessels.

Foods which dilate your blood vessels are those high in flavonoids, vitamins and antioxidants. Your best choice is fruit! They also contain potassium which can prevent cramps.

Essential fatty acids are a good source of energy which lasts as they take time to digest. You get omega 6 from olive oil and omega 3 from cod liver oil and cold pressed flaxseed oil.

It is unwise to eat refined carbohydrates as they have a high glycaemic index. You will get a burst of energy but it will not last. Unrefined carbohydrates have not had the B vitamins and flavonoids removed which assist in carbohydrate metabolism while regulating blood sugar levels and improving circulation.

Examples of foods high in carbohydrate but low glycaemic index are beans, lentils, chick peas and brown rice.

Of course protein is the key to building muscle. Good sources are eggs and fish.


Sports supplements can provide vitamins, amino acids and nutrition without taking time, blood and energy to digest. Therefore (assuming that you have taken it early enough) once your meal is digested you can take supplements a half hour before training.

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