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Post Workout

If you have just had a great workout, and you want to gain muscle, then this is just the beginning. As you are aware, not only have your muscles been torn while working out, but the release of the stress hormone (cortisol) which accompanies any hormone release and endurance test has actually started breaking down muscle to produce glutamine which is used by the body to produce sugar in times of emergency and stress.

In addition the glycogen, the energy stored in the muscles has been seriously depleted. This situation threatens to use up even more muscle in order to get the energy, especially if you don't do something about it before the next workout.

Therefore immediately post workout it is best to have a meal. What we are trying to achieve is to stop further breakdown of protein, to replenish energy in the muscles as glycogen, and to get the body to start building muscle. This can be achieved by a release of insulin.

The trick is to take equal amounts of dextrose and maltodextrin. This immediately prevents catabolism (muscle breakdown), starts replenishing glycogen and produces an insulin spike - which is anabolic at rest.

Post workout you should take 0.8 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body mass. By taking low GI carbohydrates like dextrose and maltodextrin there are no adverse health risks associated with eating processed carbohydrates. Also you won't be worrying about getting fat. You have just spent a ridiculous amount of energy lifting weights. Your body is wasting away from lack of energy. Do something about it!

Having said so just take your 0.8 grams per kg of body mass. If you overdo it, then yes you will get fat, and you will lose insulin sensitivity. Got it? You need to replace the energy spent in the gym, but if you overdo it you will end up with all the health problems of the diabetic, obese society with heart disease that we live in.

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