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Parasites can be found in air, water, on pets and vegetables.

Human intestinal parasites include pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, threadworms and candida. Of course parasites are not restricted to the intestines and some can eat into any organs including your brain.

There are an increasing number of studies appearing which demonstrate that parasites can alter the behaviour of their hosts for their own survival. For example 25% of Americans are affected by Toxoplasma gondii which they tend to get from their cats. What was revealed in a study carried out at the University of California was one example of how complex the food web is once you include parasites.

The parasite's eggs in the cat's faeces are eaten by rats. The parasite then alters the rat's behaviour so that it becomes more adventurous and less cautious; hence more likely to be eaten by a cat, which in turn becomes infected.

When a human becomes infected they experience flu like symtoms wheupon the parasite becomes dormant in the brain.

The parasite brings about behavioural changes in both men and women. Both experience guilt and neuroticism

In men the parasite causes uncertainty avoidance and concerns about masculinity - the male ego, whilst lowering intelligence.

Parasites Alter Immunity

It is well known that paraites also manipulate the immune system of their host, also for their own survival. Whereas in general parasites cannot totally avoid the effects of the body's own defences, usually some compromise and balance is achieved.

Argentinian scientists were able to demonstrate that for sufferers of multiple sclerosis (an autoimmune disorder) that this effect on the body's immune system is of major benefit.

Both the number of relapses and the number of cases of degeneration was decreased by well over 90%.

The above is a fair picture of what parasites can do to do (without doing into the gory details of the amount of damage which can occur to internal organs in some cases). The mechanisms are subtle enough, but the effects are substantial, don't you think? Yet surprisingly it is not all bad. However overall, considering the neuroticism, male chavinist behaviour, and decreased intelligence you may wish to browse our range of parasite, cleanse and detox.

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