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Nirvana 100% Xylitol

Nirvana Xylitol

Natural Healthy Sweetener
A naturally sweet alternative to sugar and artificial sweetners that’s good for you.

• Perfect all-natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners
• Premium Grade 100% Xylitol
• Low glyaemic index of only 7
• 40% less calories than sugar
• Great to manage sweet cravings and blood sugar levels
• Delicious and refreshing taste
• Derived from non-GMO corn cob
• Use just like sugar

Xylitol (pronounced zyl-it-ol) is a remarkable, natural substance that has many beneficial
qualities, and tastes just like sugar. It even looks like sugar. Xylitol allows you to
indulge your ‘sweet tooth’ in any way you like, knowing the taste is doing you good.