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Nirvana Stevia Tablets

Our all-natural sweetener is sugar and artificial sweetener free, and is certified organic - meaning it is organically grown, extracted and processed, so you are guaranteed that our Stevia is completely natural and free of herbicides and pesticides. Nirvana OrganicsĀ® Stevia is also free of fat, wheat, yeast, soy, milk derivatives, gluten, synthetic additives and has no chemical preservatives making it a natural and practical alternative.

At Nirvana Organics we believe all natural and organic is the key to great health and vitality, and with our Stevia you will have the peace of mind that you are not only looking after your waist- line by reducing your caloric intake, but are using a product that is 100% natural.

ZERO Calories, ZERO Carbs, ZERO GI. Add the perfect sweet taste to your favourite foods and beverages without the calories, carbohydrates or Glycemic Index of sugar
100% natural with NO NASTY additives
Organically grown, extracted and processed from the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant
Easy, measured doses via a variety of innovative and convenient packaging options
Ideal for weight management - does not raise blood sugar levels and helps control sweet cravings (GI of Zero)
Safe for the whole family
Highest quality, best tasting Stevia on the market
Concentrated, economical and best value for money - a little goes a long way
Available in Tablets, Liquid concentrate, 100% Pure Extract Powders and our NEW easy measure SPOONABLE STEVIA powder from all good health stores, selected pharmacies and independent grocers