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Natures Sunshine Psyllium

The Psyllium husk is a water soluble fibre that forms a mucilaginous gel on contact with water so acts as a bulking agent by swelling up to 14 times its original size. This enhances peristalsis which is the wave-like muscular action that moves food along in the digestive tract making it beneficial in the treatment of constipation or those suffering from haemorrhoids

Therapeutic Use

- Assists in the tratment of constipation.
- A bulk producing laxative (fibre supplement) for the maintenance of regularity.
- A bulk laxative of indirect benefit to people suffering from haemorrhoids.

Active Ingredients

Each ‘preservative free’ capsule contains:
Plantago ovata (Psyllium) seed husk powder 500mg


Take three capsules, with a meal and a glass (250mL) of water, up to three times daily.
Children 6-12 years:
Take one capsule, with a meal and a glass (250mL) of water, up to three times daily.


If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Retail Price: $35.95
   Our Price: $28.40