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Morlife Barley Wheat Grass Powder 200gm Organic

Certified Organic Barley & Wheat Grass Fine Powder 200g

Alkalise your body with Morlife Barley and Wheat Grass. Morlife Wheat & Barley Grass blend is a 50% blend of each, providing a great way to get the benefits of each in one powder.

Morlife Certified Organic Barley and Wheat Grass is a blend of pure young barley and wheat grass shoots. The grasses are harvested above ground so that no grain is harvested. Both grasses are a rich source of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is known for its deodorising, alkalising and cleansing properties.

The western diet needs to be more alkalising, which requires an increased intake of fruit and vegetables.

Green varieties such as barley and wheat grass are particularly important.

Our body functions best when it is slightly alkaline. Many of us suffer from a low level of cellular and tissue acidity. So improve your health by supplementing your diet with Morlife Barley & Wheat Grass to move your body to an alkaline state.

Morlife Barley & Wheat Grass Powder is a easy way to introduce alkaline food into your diet. It can be mixed into water, smoothies, food or juice.

The super fine powder is easily digested and has a fresh, sweet taste.

Retail Price: $25.95
   Our Price: $20.50