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Melrose Massage Oil

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Want to know how to make your towels last 4 times longer and save money?

Melrose H2Oil® Massage Oil has been the answer to the question and a saviour for the professional masseur. Melrose H2Oil® is the original water dispersible oil. Then there is the unique Melrose cask that keeps the oil fresh to the last drop.

Tried and tested for 10 years, professional masseurs now say that H2Oil®:

* Has all the qualities of a good massage oil, equal to or better than Almond Oil.
* Allows the skin to breath (non-occlusive).
* Has no record of dermatological problems.
* Clients find that rinse off in the shower is quicker.
* Cotton towels, sheets and shirts come clean in the normal wash without the use of harsh detergents.
* All at a reasonable price.

Melrose H2Oil® contains:

* Sunflower oil (High Oleic for stability)
* Almond Oil
* Coconut derived Caprylic-Capric triglycerides
* Vitamin E
* Vegetable derived Polysorbate 85