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Vitaklenz Lawang Oil

Lawang Oil Really Works!

- Soothing effects

- Works within minutes

- Rub it on - Feel the difference

- Essential Oil of Cinnamomum cullilawan

- Natural oil from the Indonesian rainforest

Apply Lawang Oil to effected areas and lightly rub it in. Lawang Oil quickly penetrates and dries non-greasy.

Lawang Oil will go to work immediately, commonly within 30 seconds to 2 minutes!

Lawang Oil is safe to use directly on the skin without a carrier. Some people with very sensitive skin will experience a mild irritation. If this occurs, wash effected area with water. Any irritation should cease almost immediately.

Do not apply to sensitive areas. Keep away from eyes and genital regions. Keep away from children.

Lawang Oil is not to be taken orally.

Wash hands immediately after use.