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Kosmea Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil 15ml

What does it do?

Smooths wrinkles, improves skin texture, restores moisture balance, soothes dry, itchy skin, nourishes and hydrates, restores skin's natural glow
What's in it?

Rose hip oil from the skin and the seed of the rosa eglentaria or 'sweet briar rose'
How to use:

Apply 3-4 drops of Certified 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil to clean, damp skin when required.
Key ingredient

Organic rose hip oil
What makes Kosmea’s Certified 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil so unique?

Rose hip oil is a unique skin care ingredient and at Kosmea we make a very unique rose hip oil.

* We source our rose hips from a certified organic source (ECOCERT) from a region where rainfall is high and therefore the rose hips are plumper, richer and jucier.
* We use both the fruit skin and seed of the rose hip, giving our rose hip oil a high content of the antioxident, lycopene.
* We use the super-critical extraction process which is heat-free and solvent-free so our rose hip oil stays just as nature intended.
* We do not bleach, colour or deodorise our rose hip oil to make it more commercially attractive as this would deplete the natural goodness of the oil.