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Morlife Gymnema Sylvestre Powder 1kg

Frank Hello Christine, thankyou for ringing back. Occasionally I contact my customers about herbs to find out if they are actually working. I just spoke to a scientist lady in Melbourne who is one of my customers and she thinks that the Gymnema sylvestre works, but she is taking all these other supplements and doesn't always take the Gymnema sylvestre. We agreed that a customer's evaluation of a product isn't the same as the fact that Gymnema sylvestre has been proven to work in scientific studies.

(However we all value that word of mouth assurance don't we?)

Christine Well actually I am not taking other supplements and I can say that the Gymnema sylvestre really does work. I am taking a rounded teaspoon of the Gymnema sylvestre leaf powder (5 grams) three times a day and it reduces sugar cravings. Also sweet things just don't taste sweet.

Frank I didn't realize that Gymnema sylvestre could do this but this scientist guy mentioned it. Tell me about this.

Christine Well after taking the Gymnema sylvestre it dulls the taste of sweet

Frank So you need to take it before every meal?

Christine Yes, I have been taking it three times a day in orange juice and it works for quite a long time.

Frank You mean it works for hours?

Christine Well actually it works for days, but it is best to take it regularly. I stopped taking it for couple of weeks, but now with Christmas coming up I am taking it again. How it works is that your mind still wants all those sweet things, but the taste buds say no. Gymnema sylvestre dulls the taste buds to the sweet taste.

Frank Well that's amazing Christine. You have done much better than the scientist lady in Melbourne. Can I just ask one more question. A lot of people don't like taking herbs. Does it taste horrible?

Christine No it doesn't. When I add a rounded teaspoon to a glass of orange juice, you can't really taste it. All it does is dulls the taste of the orange juice. Actually you can take it with anything like breakfast cereal.

Frank So you think people could just take it with their meal even?

Christine Yes.

Frank Christine, thankyou very much for your time. It looks like this has worked out well for both of us.