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Morlife Goji Berries 250gm

Morlife goji berries are the fruit of Lycium barbarum found in Asia. Perhaps the most famous example of what these berries can do is the story of Mr Li who is supposed to have lived for 250 years.

As the story goes he met a man whilst walking in the mountains. While the man was obviously much older than him, he simply couldn't catch up. Another time he chanced upon the same man, and begged his secret on his knees. The fit man told him that he eats goji berries daily.

Studies with the elderly have shown that goji berries can lead to a three fold increase in T cell transformation functions and a doubling of white cell interleukin 2 count.

Morlife goji berries contain glyconutrients that provide eight essential sugars required by the body for growth. The phytonutrient compounds in goji berries promote intercellular communication.