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Ecover Rinse Aid 500ml

Ecover Squirteco All Purpose Cleaner Refill 500ml

Personal Benefits:

- fresh perfume from plant based ingredients
- cuts through grease and grime effectively using natural power
- suitable for all surfaces - no smears on glass or windows and
- safe around food
- available in economical refill bottle, no more waste packaging

Environmental Benefits:

- quick and complete biodegradability.
(OECD-test 301F, full product)
- minimum impact on aquatic life
(OECD-test 201&202, full product)
- against animal testing
- suitable for septic tanks

Packaging Materials
Bottle and labels are made of polyethylene; spray of polypropylene and
polyethylene. Polyethylene and polypropylene are 100 % recyclable and can
be recycled together using a low energy process.

Instructions for use
Replace the screw cap of the refill with the trigger from your empty
Squirteco bottle. Screw down tightly. Spray lightly over the surface and
wipe clean. No need to rinse. This all purpose spray cleans and shines a
wide variety of household surfaces. It is particularly suitable for
kitchen and bathroom surfaces, tiles, glass, enamel, baths, basins
acrylic and chrome.

Complete ingredients list
The list below displays ingredients in descending order, with those
present in highest quantities first.

- Water
- Ethanol
- Alkyl Poly Glycoside C8-10
- Perfume
- Fatty Alcohol Sulfate C10-16
- Rhamnolipid
- Citric Acid

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   Our Price: $8.42