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Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow 2.5g

Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow Refill 100% natural 2.5g offers superior comfort, ease of application with better coverage and longer wear due to the new micronization technology. Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow is also paraben free and creamy but not greasy. You need less than with other makeups due to the fact that the spherical particles are nine times smaller.

Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow comes in pearly, glittery or matt. See the colour range below. Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow contains Shea butter, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin F, red tea seeds, field horsetail, squalane olive, organic silica, grape seed oil and sunflower seed oil for protection, anti inflammatory action, Moisturising, antioxidant and UV protection, healing damaged, aged skin.

05 Matt Light Brown
11 Matt Rosy Beige
13 Matt Light Violet
17 Matt Pink
18 Glittery Purple
19 Pearly Violet
24 Pearly Grey
25 Pearly White
27 Matt Light Blue
30 Matt Azure Blue
37 Pearly Plum
41 Pearly Mauve
42 Pearly Green
43 Pearly Ivory
44 Pearly Plum Brown
46 Pearly Violet Blue
49 Pearly Anthracite Grey
51 Pearly Garnet
52 Pearly Coppered Brown
53 Pearly Red Brown
55 Pearly Copper
56 Pearly Khaki Brown
57 Pearly Golden Sand
58 Pearly Orange Pink
60 Pearly Green Grey
66 Pearly Old Rose
75 Matt Khaki
80 Matt Cocoa
81 Matt Intense Brown