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Couleur Caramel Compact Powder

Couleur Compact powder 6.5g is available in seven different colours which produce a fantastic effect. By choosing the colour most like your natural skin colour it will unify your complexion. Due to the micronized particles Couleur Compact powder will both cover the face and be transparent at the same time. This is particularly effective on aged and damaged skin. Either apply Couleur Compact powder directly or over makeup base or foundation cream. The all natural ingredients of Couleur Compact powder are vitamin E, vitamin F, vitamin A, red tea seeds, field horsetail, Shea butter, organic silica, A.E.F vitamins, red tea seeds, field horsetail, squalane olive, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, for an antiinflammatory action whilst Moisturising and protecting. Youthful skin is maintained by Couleur Compact powder's anti-oxidizing effects, anti-UV protection, anti-aging properties.

02 Light Beige
04 Orange Beige
05 Light Brown
06 Golden Brown
07 Deep Brown