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Melrose Cod Liver Oil Cold Pressed

Melrose Cod Liver Oil 500ml

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Many years ago in the fishing villages of Norway and Greenland, older generations were fond of telling stories of the "daily dose" of Cod Liver oil. More research in the 1950s, on the benefits of Cod Liver oil revealed the presence of Vitamins A and D and Omega-3 fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). This led to the modern view that these vitamins and fatty acids are an essential part of our diet.

The fishing grounds for the cod from which our Cod Liver oil is produced are the deep cold pristine Arctic waters off the coast of Norway. The fishermen remove and freeze the cod livers prior to delivery to the on-shore processors. The livers are then steam distilled to remove the oil. Further purification by a low temperature high vacuum process known as molecular distillation, produces exceptionally clean oil.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why is Cod Liver oil good for me?

Cod Liver oil is a natural source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Cod Liver oil is especially recommended where people refuse vegetables such as broccoli and carrots and as a consequence deprive themselves of readily available natural sources of Vitamin A. In the body, Vitamin A is essential for the formation of visual purple (for night vision) and for bone and cellular growth.
Bones and Teeth

Vitamin D is associated with Calcium absorption and the healthy development of bones and teeth. Bones and teeth require Vitamin D to activate the absorption and utilisation of Calcium to maintain skeletal growth and strength. Cod Liver oil is especially recommended where people are not sufficiently exposed to sunlight enabling the natural production of Vitamin D in the skin. Because Cod Liver oil is such a good source of these fat-soluble vitamins, it is of assistance where the dietary intake is inadequate.
Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids

In addition to Vitamins A and D, Cod Liver oil is a natural source of the very long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA. DHA is used by the body for brain development and visual acuity. It is especially important that pregnant women and breast feeding mothers receive adequate amounts of DHA. Sufficient DHA should be consumed to make use of this benefit.
Can I have Cod liver Oil if IÕm pregnant?

Taking more than 4mL of Cod Liver Oil (2,500IU of Vitamin A) per day during pregnancy may cause birth defects. Because of the importance of brain development in the unborn child, pregnant women should therefore consume a minimal dose of Cod Liver Oil (4mL), as directed, or consume Fish Oil obtained from the body of the fish which has minimal Vitamin A.
Is the oil checked for contaminants?

Because the sea is the eventual repository of toxins from the land and air, it is necessary to routinely test for these toxins. Recent tests have recorded less than 0.2 parts per million for heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

* Adults 4ml daily
* Children 2yo and over 1/2 the adult dose.

Product Sizes

200ml and 500ml Bottle in a light opaque cartons.
Fatty Acid Profile
per 4ml serve
EPA Omega-3 8-9% 333mg
DHA Omega-3 8-9% 407mg
Other unsaturated fats 15% 26mg
Monounsaturated 51% 1887mg
Saturated fats 15% 518mg
Vitamin A 2,500IU 750mcg
Vitamin D3 320IU 8mcg

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