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Vitaklenz Cloud Nine Coconut Oil

Certified organic coconut oil. Use directly on the skin after bathing and exposure. Protects and rejuvenates. Available in Coconut, Pineapple, Lavender and Frangipani fragrances.

The Cloud Nine Coconut Oil family of products consists of a great range of both edible and cosmetic oils and creams. Whether for cooking or simply for eating by the spoonful, Cloud Nine serves up the best tasting and highest quality certified organic coconut oil available.

And if you don’t happen to like the taste of coconut oil, Cloud Nine provides a great Coconut cooking oil naturally purified of flavour and fragrance. All the healthy benefits of coconut oil even if you don’t like the taste!

If you’re not hungry for coconuts, one whiff of the luscious moisturizers will get you in the mood. Made from certified organic coconut oil, essential oils for fragrance, and other natural products, Cloud Nine Coconut Oil Moisturizers add a whole new meaning to indulgent body care.

Together with the Organic Body Oils and Soaps, Cloud Nine Coconut Oils will provide you with a standard of health and luxury you may have only rarely experienced.