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Vitaklenz Cloud Nine Body Oil Coconut Pineapple 300ml

Cloud nine body oil coconut pineapple the world€™s healthiest oil available in a great light taste, or taste and fragrance-free. The Cloud Nine Coconut Oil family of products consists of a great range of cosmetic oils and creams.

One whiff of the luscious moisturizers will get you in the mood. Made from certified organic coconut oil, essential oils for fragrance, and other natural products, Cloud Nine Coconut Oil Moisturizers add a whole new meaning to indulgent body care.

Together with the Soaps, Cloud Nine Coconut Oils will provide you with a standard of health and luxury you may have only rarely experienced.

The edible parts of the coconut are well known for their great taste and nutritious benefits. The flesh from a coconut can be eaten either ripe or unripe, raw or cooked, and is a staple food in the tropics.

Coconut milk is commonly imbibed the world over, but is not the only part of the coconut that may be drunk. The sweet liquid from the flower buds can be made into an alcoholic beverage called arrack, and can also be boiled down to produce palm sugar.

Then there is the oil. Coconut oil is typically extracted from the dried flesh of harvested coconuts.

Coconut oil helps regulate insulin levels in the blood, increasing the sensitivity of the cells to insulin and speeding up metabolism insulin resistance of the cells is one of the underlying causes of obesity and diabetes.

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