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Charcocaps 200mg 60c

Activated Charcoal, an Age-Old Remedy for Reducing Embarrassing Gas, Now in Easy-to-Swallow Capsules for Everyday Gas Relief

When people think about activated charcoal, the vision that sometimes comes to mind is the charcoal briquette used in outdoor barbecues. Not true. Activated charcoal (or activated carbon), which is safe to ingest, is charcoal that has been heated with steam to approximately 1000o C to create a very porous surface -- so porous that is has an 'internal surface'. In fact, a teaspoon of activated charcoal has the surface area of an entire football field.

The use of activated charcoal dates back centuries ago as a natural internal detoxifier and was commonly used to help cleanse the body of unwanted material and assist with the healing process of the body. It is also widely used as an emergency antidote to treat certain kinds of poisoning (overdose) in humans by helping to prevent absorption of poison by the stomach and small intestines.

The activated charcoal in CharcoCapsĀ® Dietary Supplement helps reduce intestinal gas by attracting and condensing the gas molecules into the tiny pores that are created on the surface of the charcoal (which is called adsorbing) once it is activated. These gases are then carried out of the body on the surface of the charcoal. Activated charcoal is a powerful adsorbent that's safe and effective, according to clinical studies. CharcoCaps Dietary Supplement is a natural internal detoxifier commonly used to help cleanse the body of unwanted material and naturally adsorbs the toxins that cause gas and flatulence**.

CharcoCapsĀ® Homeopathic AntiGas Formula stimulates and supports the body's own defenses against intestinal gas. Made from Carbo Vegetabilis (activated charcoal), Lycopodium Clavatum (club moss), Cinchona Officionalis (cinchona bark) and Sulphur, CharcoCaps offers support to the body's own defenses for fast relief of gas discomfort, pressure and bloating.

Doctors recommend two capsules with water at mealtime or at first sign of discomfort. CharcoCaps should not be taken within two hours of ingesting other medications and vitamins/supplements, as these medications can be adsorbed as well.

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