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Everyone is searching for brahmi on this site nowadays, so let us discuss this herb bacopa monniera found in ayurvedic medicine.

Brahmi is a humble creeping plant found in India. It has been used by Buddhist Monks to calm the mind, and to improve concentration.

Brahmi is the brain herb of Ayurvedic medicine, and is used to treat insomnia and nervous tension.

Brahmi Memory Study

In a placebo controlled double blind study conducted by Roodenrys et al., it was found that brahmi did not improve short term or working memory, attention or recall of things learned over the long term previously. Nor was any change in psychological state observed (subjectively).

Whilst in learning new information while taking brahmi, it was found that people did not learn more quickly, however most importantly, what they learned they did not forget so easily.

In summary, in this particular trial, very few differences were observed between people memorizing while taking brahmi or not taking brahmi. The notable difference was that more was retained in memory by those taking brahmi! Isn't science amazing?

In ayurvedic medicine brahmi is considered the main rejuvenating herb for nerves and the brain. It is therefore used to combat dementia associated with the aging process. Dementia starts at age 45 and continues until death. It is however not inevitable, as it is dependent on diet and lifestyle. Several supplements have also been shown to reverse this process.

Many studies have shown that brahmi stimulates protein synthesis in brain cells and promotes brain function whilst offsetting the encroachment of senility. This naturally extends your lifespan.

The herbs below improve mental function and help combat insomnia.

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