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Martin and Pleasance Martin & Pleasance Arnica Cream

Martin and Pleasance Arnica Cream 100g

(Arnica Montana)

For temporary relief of bruising, sprains and sports injuries.

Arnica has a history as one of the most effective herbal remedies for bruising and sprains. If applied immediately after a blow or concussion Arnica's high astringent action may reduce swelling, brusing and associated pain.

Each 100g contains 10ml of Arnica montana extract (1:5) Equiv. to dry flower 20mg/g in an aqueous cream base.
Also contains Antimicrobial Agent Phenoxyathanol 1% W/W. Contains ethanol.

Aqueous cream is a light, easily absorbed water based cream with no animal products.

For external use only.

Seek professional advice if symptoms persist.

Arnica is not for use on broken skin

AustL 33818.