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Alba Un Petroleum Multi Purpose Jelly 100g

Product description: With beeswax, moisture rich coconut oil and soothing, protective vitamin E, this natural, non-petroleum jelly is perfect as an all-over body moisturizer for soothing, softening skin rejuvenation.

The original, multi-purpose skin moisturizer and protectant is made from only pure plant oils and all natural waxes.

Rich in fatty acids, coconut oil is anti-microbial, deeply moisturizing and soothing to the skin.

Use daily to:
• Moisturize and soothe dry skin
• Prevent chafing and windburn
• Gently remove eye make-up
• Help protect baby from diaper rash

Best for all skin types. Perfect for dry, flaky or chapped skin.

Directions for use: Apply to dry skin areas as needed.

Retail Price: $14.25
   Our Price: $11.30