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Alchemy Akin Cellular Radiance Serum 23ml

Increase your skin's suppleness and elasticity with the help of A’kin Cellular Radiance Serum. Enriched with a combination of pure, nourishing ingredients like organic Rosehip and Echium oils, Pomegranate, and Seabuckthorn, A’kin’s natural face serum helps fight the signs of ageing and leaves your skin looking more radiant. In a recent ex-vivo study, the potent formula proved to be equally effective as synthetic Retinol in improving skin firmness, elasticity & radiance. In another laboratory study on 32 women aged 50+, the serum was proven to improve skin texture by 84%, skin radiance by 68.9% and reduce wrinkles by 22% in over a period of three months. 90.6% of women saw visible improvement in moisture levels and experienced smoother and firmer skin.

Akin’s natural facial serum has a powerful combination of 6 pure and rich certified organic anti-ageing extracts, used at levels to benefit the skin. To bring you a pure, natural face serum, our ingredients are extracted by the supercritical CO2 method. This process uses extremely low temperatures allowing the optimum benefits from the fragile plant ingredients to be maintained. A’kin’s natural face serum is a boost to your natural skincare routine for more radiantly youthful looking skin.
Best fo all skin types, including fragile and sensitive skin

Ideal For:
Helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Helping to fight the visible signs of ageing
Increasing skin suppleness and elasticity
A more youthfully radiant complexion
Hydrating skin

Pomegranate extract [CO2] - certified organic
Seabuckthorn extract [CO2] - certified organic
Rosa Canina (rosehip) extract [CO2] - certified organic
Amaranth extract [CO2] - certified organic
Chamomile extract [CO2] - certified organic
Calendula extract [CO2] - certified organic
Echium oil
Vitamin E
Vitamin A

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   Our Price: $35.59