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Redbak Sports Supplements

Redbak was founded in 1999 and sells supplements worldwide.

Redbak offer quality sports supplements to enable you to achieve excellent results. Redbak Supplements are formulated from scientifically proven, effective and TGA approved ingredients.

Redbak's fantastic range includes high protein supplements for recovery and muscle building, amino acids, high performance and energy supplements and lean mass gainers. Redback products taste great and are suitable for weekend workouts, athletes and bodybuilders. Redbak products offer a quick guide to make it easier to choose what is suitable for your needs. Years of research have gone into the formulation of Redbak products. Redbak is manufactured in a modern plant which is approved by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service.

Redbak products enable discerning athletes who have realised that the secret is in nutrition science, to perform even better.

Redbak Protein products can even be added into raw sweets like honey and chocolate rum balls if you need a creative way to take just that extra protein every day.

There is much more to protein supplementation and workouts than looking frisky. Studies have shown that muscle wasting with aging is behind a number of serious age related diseases. Elderly people are able to benefit from resistance training and will experience an anabolic response from protein supplementation if the complete spectrum of amino acids is available. Redbak knows that protein and amino acid supplementation enhances and extends a happier and healthier life.

Many of the amino acids have profound therapeutic properties. For example doctors speak highly of whey protein isolate, WPI. When proteins are cooked some of the amino acids may be destroyed. For example the amino acid Cysteine, together with Selenium is a precursor to Glutathione Peroxidase, a natural super antioxidant in the body. Redbak WPI is manufactured with cross micro filtration and ultra filtration to preserve the nutrients. WPI has been shown to reduce the risk of protate cancer and has been proven to have many other healing properties. Redbak is Australia's preferred WPI.

   Product Price
Redbak Carb Up Natural 3kg Redbak Carb Up Natural 3kg

Retail Price: $89.95  Our Price: $49.47
Redbak L Carnitine Forte 60 Capsules Redbak L Carnitine Forte 60 Capsules

Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid in our diet which is found mainly in meat and dairy products. Carnitine is required by the body for energy metabolism and for the proper use of fats as...

Retail Price: $49.95  Our Price: $27.47
Redbak Complete Protein Redbak Complete Protein

Redbak Creatine Monohydrate Natural 300g Redbak Creatine Monohydrate Natural 300g

Retail Price: $39.95  Our Price: $21.97
Redbak Pure L Glutamine Rice Derived Natural 300g Redbak Pure L Glutamine Rice Derived Natural 300g

REDBAK L-GLUTAMINE is manufactured by Degussa and helps amino acid metabolism. Also glutamine can prevent catabolism and thereby assists in muscle growth, cell volumisation and recovery after...

Retail Price: $39.95  Our Price: $21.97
Redbak Hydroxy Venom Fat Burner 60 Tablets Redbak Hydroxy Venom Fat Burner 60 Tablets

RedBak HydroxyVenom Fat Burner tablets are designed to help you lose weight and BOOST your energy levels.

Formulated by pharmacists, RedBak HydroxyVenom includes all the active ingredients to...

Retail Price: $49.95  Our Price: $27.47
Redbak Lean Mass Redbak Lean Mass

Scientifically formulated REDBAK MASS XXXL is a high energy weight gainer with a 50/50 carbohydrate to protein ratio containing a full spectrum of essential and non essential amino acids with...

Redbak Lean Muscle Bar 16 Bars Choc Nut Caramel 80g Redbak Lean Muscle Bar 16 Bars Choc Nut Caramel 80g

Retail Price: $85.95  Our Price: $47.27
Redbak Nitric Bite Lemon Twist 300g Redbak Nitric Bite Lemon Twist 300g

Redbak Nitric Bite is an advanced, synergistic pre-workout formulation designed to boost your energy levels, maximise performance and maintain your mental focus over alonger period of time.


Retail Price: $45.95  Our Price: $25.27
Redbak Nitric Stack Lemon Twist 300g Redbak Nitric Stack Lemon Twist 300g

Redbak Nitric STACK ingredients are scientifically proven to increase performance, muscle growth and skin stretching muscle pumps. The synergistic formulation includes Creatine Tri-malate, providing...

Retail Price: $45.95  Our Price: $25.27
Redbak Rapid Soy Redbak Rapid Soy

REDBAK SPI or soy protein isolate is suitable for people requiring a vegan protein supplement made from SUPROTM non Genetically Modified Soy.

REDBAK SPI is high in Branch Chain Amino Acids...

Protein Isolate Chocolate 500g $39.95 Now $21.97
Protein Isolate Vanilla 500g $39.95 Now $21.97
Isolate Chocolate 3kg $173.95 Now $95.67
Isolate Vanilla 3kg $173.95 Now $95.67
Protein Isolate Chocolate 1kg $67.95 Now $37.37
Isolate Vanilla 1kg $67.95 Now $37.37

Redbak Sting Low Carb Bar 16 Bars Choc Fudge 60g Redbak Sting Low Carb Bar 16 Bars Choc Fudge 60g

Delicious mix of high quality proteins that is both low in total carbohydrates and low in sugar.

With Added BCAA for muscle recovery and L-Glutamine to assist with recovery and gut health it’...

Retail Price: $79.95  Our Price: $43.97
Redbak Sting Protein Redbak Sting Protein

Why is Redbak STING the best metabolic Optimiser. The protein component of redbak STING is produced using cross flow micro-filtration and ultra-filtration to ensure a high level of undenatured...

Vanilla 500g $55.95 Now $30.77
Chocolate 500g $55.95 Now $30.77
Vanilla 1kg $95.95 Now $52.77
Chocolate 1kg $95.95 Now $52.77
Vanilla 3kg $244.95 Now $134.72
Chocolate 3kg $244.95 Now $134.72

Redbak Testo Venom Testosterone Booster 60 Capsules Redbak Testo Venom Testosterone Booster 60 Capsules

Redbak TestoVenom Testosterone Booster is manufactured in a TGA plant with the most superior raw materials known. By taking this product you are maximising your potential of training the hardest you...

Retail Price: $49.95  Our Price: $27.47
Redbak Sustain Whey Redbak Sustain Whey

REDBAK WHEY is made of 50% Whey Protein Concentrate and 50% Whey Protein Isolate for immediate and sustained nitrogen release whilst minimising lactose and fat. You get the maximum protein for the...

Redbak Rapid Wpi Redbak Rapid Wpi

REDBAK WPI which stands for whey protein isolate, is the best peptide isolate for lean muscle growth. REDBAK WPI contains an abundance of glycomacropeptides and branch chained amino acids containing...


  Chocolate Blueberries 400gm
Chocolate Blueberries 400gm

  Sku: morlife-chocolate-blueberries-sale
  Retail Price: $27.22
  Our Price: $3.95


Sku: problend-dairy-free-sale
Our Price: $0.00


Sku: rice-protein-isolate-3kg-sale
Our Price: $0.00

Sku: promaxin-ultimate-sale
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